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National Homeless Advice Service

Free Training

Our free programme of introductory/refresher training is available to members, and covers a range of housing issues and topics. Our free courses are designed to respond to the latest developments in housing and homelessness, and we apply a blended learning approach that includes face-to-face training, bitesize (e-learning) and webinars.

Local Authorities

Aimed at front-line housing options advisers that deal with homeless applications and housing options enquiries, the local authority training programme provides a number of face to face training courses and webinars on housing/homelessness topics available in-house. Log in to the website to find out more about our free training.

Voluntary agency training

Our face to face courses, e-learning and webinars cover a range of housing related topics from trainee adviser level up to Generalist advisers and advice session supervisors. You can view scheduled training session via our website calendar. Log in to view the training pages.

Public authority training

Aimed at staff who give advice to service users to help them with their housing and homelessness queries, the public authority training programme provides a number of face to face, webinar and bitesize courses on a variety of housing topics. To view our training programme for public authorities, log in to your member welcome portal.

In-house briefings

To complete our existing training programme we have developed a small number of 3 hour briefings to provide an update to your existing basic understanding:

  • Tenancy Deposit Protection issues and S21 notice changes to AST’s from 2015-2018
  • EEA nationals and returning residents eligibility


Our webinar programme is available to view to members. Log in to view the calendar and out what webinars are taking place. If you have any specific questions email nhas@shelter.org.uk,


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