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National Homeless Advice Service

UPDATED: Are You Worried About Your Mortgage Guide

This guide is for homeowners who have fallen behind with their mortgage payments or are worried about an interest rate change


UPDATED: Checklists & Factsheets

Our handy checklists and factsheets have now been updated. Our factsheets are full of useful information for dealing with common housing problems. Our checklists will help you to support your clients with their housing issues.

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UPDATED: Vulnerability & Priority Need Guide

A guide for frontline advisers supporting single people making a homeless application where there may be an issue about priority need

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Chat Online

Talk to a housing professional online using our Webchat, click on 'chat with us' to start talking to an adviser.

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Problems with Housing Benefit and Universal Credit Housing Costs Element?

Speak to our welfare benefit team for help. Get in touch via the consultancy line.

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Advice on the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018

If you have any queries on the new Act that came in to effect on 20th March 2019 – our trained housing advisers are ready to assist via phone, email or webchat.

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Advice on the Homelessness Reduction Act

If you have any questions relating to the Homelessness Reduction Act and how this impacts on your clients, contact our team of expert advisers via phone, email or webchat.

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Welcome to the National Homelessness Advice Service (NHAS) Website

​We provide FREE expert advice, training and support to housing professionals working in local councils, voluntary advice agencies, local Citizens Advice and public authorities in England.

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I used the webchat service and was extremely impressed. The adviser who attended my chat was extremely helpful and informative, I will not hesitate to recommend and use this service again should I need to. Thank you again, brilliant service.Webchat user

This was excellent training and I benefited from meeting other practitioners and learning how other areas work and what resources they have available.Face to face course delegate

This is the first time I have done a webinar and was surprised at how easy it was to join in, information was clear and well delivered. Having 2 trainers worked well so did the quizzes. Slides are well written; they are easy to follow, concise, logical and will be a useful reference guide in the future.Webinar delegate

Astounding service-- strong and thoughtful advice delivered coherently by phone and later in email. So pleased something like this exists.Consultancy Line user

Succinct, thorough and pertinent expert advice. Really brilliant. I couldn't find it in books. thanks so much - you've prevented someone becoming homeless.Housing Second Tier Service referrer