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National Homeless Advice Service

Public authorities - consultancy and training programme launched

Posted by nicola_marklew July 02, 2018

From this week, staff working in statutory agencies, as defined in the Homelessness Code of Guidance - plus wider health teams, will be able to book onto free NHAS training, including a ‘duty to refer’ webinar and an introduction to homelessness. To book on to a course, take a look in the brochure as to what dates are available and email nhaswebinars@shelter.org.uk for webinars and briefings. You can also arrange a date for our trainers to come to you for some courses, if you can get together a minimum of 8 delegates together - again, you can find more information about this in the brochure.

Don’t forget, you can also access our other free services:

The consultancy line – where you can access expert housing advice over the phone or on webchat. Our advisers are available to chat from 9am – 6pm, Monday – Friday. For more information, and to obtain our member’s only phone number please email nhas@shelter.org.uk (we will need to check your eligibility to use NHAS first.)

Information and resources – on our website you will find a number of things, including:

  • factsheets, some of which are suitable for use by the public
  • a ‘good practice’ sharing section to learn more about what others are doing
  • information about our eBulletin, which we will be developing to include information more suitable for you
  • links to various useful external sites.

If you are unsure whether you fall under one of these groups of agencies and would like to access our services, please contact us at nhas@shelter.org.uk so we can explore what options are available to you.