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Local reference rent (LRR) levels released

Posted by Debbie Watson May 21, 2015

The Valuation Office Agency have released local reference rent (LRR) levels in broad rental market areas for residential property in England.

The rent levels are documented by number of rooms.

The figures are correct as at 31 January 2015.

For the purposes of Housing Benefit referrals, the Valuation Office Agency defines the local reference rent as the midpoint between the highest and lowest rents for:

  • Dwellings with the number of bedrooms and living rooms the claimant occupies; or
  • If the claimant is over-accommodated, dwellings with the number of rooms allowed by the size criteria for the claimants household
  • Across the same Broad Rental Market Area (Local Reference Rent) (BRMA(LRR))

To decide what is the highest and lowest rent, Rent Officers exclude any rents that are exceptionally high or exceptionally low.