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National Homeless Advice Service

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Offender Discharge: Discretionary Payments

Posted by natalie_pearson February 05, 2020

As part of the discharge package prison governors have the discretion to provide, offenders being released, a grant of £50. This money is to assist with their immediate housing cost on release, the money is not to be given to the Offender but paid to the provider of the accommodation.

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Equality & Welfare Reform Transformation Project

Posted by natalie_pearson January 24, 2020

The Equality & Welfare Reform Transformation project are based at Citizens Advice Rossendale & Hyndburn who provide free, independent, confidential and impartial advice on people’s rights and responsibilities.

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NHAS Learning Workshop for Offender Management Practitioners Summary

Posted by natalie_pearson January 07, 2020

NHAS, in partnership with HMPPS, ran a learning workshop for offender management practitioners at the Ministry of Justice in London on the 27th November 2019. The event was an opportunity for attendees to find out more about NHAS, the importance of accommodation in relation to reoffending, Ministry of Justice accommodation policy, the Duty to Refer Act, NHAS services and personal housing plans.

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