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National Homeless Advice Service

Why have a strategy?

It is essential that the final stages in the accommodation and support pathway towards viable, independent lives for young people are effective.

Local authority strategies are needed to:

  • reduce a young person’s time in disruptive emergency accommodation to the minimum possible
  • free-up accommodation-based support services when young residents become able to live more independently
  • encourage both private sector and social rented housing providers to make suitable tenancies available to young people
  • prevent future homelessness by helping the young person to manage their new tenancy, build positive relationships with landlords and neighbours, and to build a stable foundation for their future life.

A multi-agency, multi-disciplinary approach is fundamental to the strategy. This relies upon the coordination of different funding streams, statutory powers and regulatory provisions to deliver, often through a voluntary agency, a coherent and viable programme of relationships with landlords and support for young and inexperienced tenants.

See our pages on making it happen for practical advice and information on how to create effective routes towards independence for young people.

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