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National Homeless Advice Service

Make the business case / organise resources

A young person’s successful transition to an economically viable independent life, together with the positive contributions they may make to the community in the future, has a value, as does the protection of statutory and other agencies’ investment in earlier stages of their path to independence.

Research by the University of Sheffield found that, of all groups of people who have been homeless or threatened with homelessness, young people are the most likely to falter at this last stage and be threatened with eviction or become homeless again. Nevertheless, in the last stages of the pathway to independence, statutory duties under the Housing Act or the Children Act have often been discharged, while local authority strategies to prevent repeat homelessness by offering assistance and support (spend to save) are difficult to justify in the current economic climate and if no statutory duty would recur.

Nevertheless, it is possible that the costs of providing some coherence and consistency to move-on and post-tenancy support services would be marginal to the cost of existing services, and that any cost/benefit analysis ( for example by using the DCLG-commissioned CapGemini toolkit) would yield positive results.

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