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National Homeless Advice Service

YMCA North Staffordshire

YMCA North Staffordshire in partnership with Stoke City Council provide support to young people (14 - 21 years old) and their families, where family breakdown and relationship issues have resulted in a young person becoming homeless or where a young person is at risk of eviction from the family home.

Families and young people will receive intensive support either individually or in family groups to work out solutions to problems and rebuild relationships aimed at enabling the family to remain living together or to support a young person through a move to independent living. Referrals can be made by other agencies, schools, health practitioners, Stoke City Housing, or families themselves.

In particular, the Rebuilding Families Project offers help and advice to families with a young person at risk of homelessness due to a breakdown in family relationships.

More information is available from YMCA North Staffordshire Family Services.

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