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National Homeless Advice Service

Supported lodgings

Supported lodgings have successfully accommodated a number of homeless young people with a wide variety of needs.

Further information on this model of housing option for young people can be found in the DCLG’s publication Supported Lodgings.

It is true that living in someone else’s home is not a suitable arrangement for all young people, particularly those who have already had considerable independence. But for some young people, living in supported lodgings can be very beneficial.

Authorities and agencies who have built schemes over several years have found that for the younger age-group, or for young people who value a stable domestic setting, placements with experienced host landlords can address many life skills needs, and provide a stable relationship with a concerned adult. Such outcomes are more difficult to replicate in more impersonal settings, such as a hostel.

See the peer learning examples on supported lodgings to find out how this type of accommodation is being used by authorities.

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