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National Homeless Advice Service

Additional financial support for young people

Additional financial support will be crucial for young people trying to find and keep their first rented homes.

Without the safety net of friends and family, or a steady income, these young people may struggle to find deposits for flats or be able to buy furniture and basic household goods. An unexpected repair bill or large utilities bill could lead them into debt, and they may be unaware of available and other financial support.

Local authorities and commissioned partners can assist in providing resources to help in these circumstances, with the broader aim of improving access and preventing homelessness.

Care leavers are entitled to additional support.

Practical support

Young people in their first homes can be advised and supported as follows:

  • Furniture and household goods may be available through a local organisations such as the Furniture Reuse Network.
  • There may be locally available supported accommodation.
  • Advice can be provided on comparing and choosing utility providers.
  • Understanding and applying for the correct benefits, and making the Job Centre aware of any changes in circumstances that could affect a claim.
  • Finding and registering with local health services.

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Financial support

Young people may be eligible for:

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