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National Homeless Advice Service

Independence and longer term accommodation options

An effective strategy for access to longer term housing will enable young people who were previously homeless or vulnerably housed, but who are now ready to live independently, to find suitable housing, whether in the social or private rented sector.

Introduction: finding settled accommodation

This section looks at how to help young people find their first independent homes.

Support when setting up home

Young people may need support to settle in their first homes

Rent deposit, rent guarantee and cashless bond schemes

Additional financial support will be crucial for young people trying to find their first rented homes in the private rented sector.

Young people and tenancy sustainment

Young people should be given support to sustain their tenancies.

Private rented sector

Young homeless or vulnerably housed people may need support to find and keep private rented accommodation.

Social rented sector

Young people should be helped to find appropriate accommodation in the social rented sector, and supported to sustain their tenancies.

Tenancies for minors

There are legal problems associated with granting a tenancy to a 16 or 17 year olds.

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