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National Homeless Advice Service

Services directory

Useful search facilities, helplines and links relevant to young people and arranged in an alphabetical order.

Children’s Commissioner

The Commissioner’s free helpline can be contacted by children and young people (including care leavers) living away from home or receiving social care, and/or their representatives, with questions about their rights, welfare and safety.

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Coram Children’s Legal Centre

As well as providing free legal advice and assistance on English family, child, education and immigration law for children and their families, the Centre has collated a list of useful links for specific advice and support.

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Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

The Commission can advice on equality, diversity and discrimination issues and produces several guides; its website also lists useful sources of help and information for different kind of enquiries.

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Homeless Link

Homeless Link has developed a search facility to enable users to find local and national support services, as well as hostels and other accommodation projects.

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National Care Advisory Service (NCAS)

The NCAS website provides extensive advice and information about young people’s transition from care and lists other helplines and useful links relevant to young people in care and care leavers.

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NHS Choices

NHS Choice provides guides and information on various aspects of social care services for children and young people, including how to obtain an assessment of needs, special educational needs, and where to find specialist support services.

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Shelter has developed an interactive advice services directory to enable users to find local help and support with housing related queries.

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Youth Access

Youth Access is the advice and counselling network. Find free and confidential counselling, advice and information services from Youth Access members.

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