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National Homeless Advice Service


The NHAS has produced a brochure explaining more about what we do and our work: NHAS brochure (being updated)

Information and factsheets

  • Ex-Service Personnel Guide: Being updated
  • Housing Options for Offenders:Being updated

The following pages contain factsheets and leaflets on a variety of housing related subjects:

Information for homeowners

This page includes information on Mortgage Arrears and Assisted Voluntary Sale (AVS).

Factsheets for the public

Factsheets cover Benefit Cap, Bedroom Tax, Housing benefit (under 35s), Tenancy deposit schemes, illegal eviction and much more.

Alongside our monthly e-bulletins, and bi-monthly Housing Matters, members have access to further resources and toolkits on key areas in housing.

If you are a member of the public looking for support with a housing query, go to Need advice?

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