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Current webinar offer

Last updated on 03/12/21

Please check the training portal for up-to-date information and spaces available.

Free ninety-minute webinars: December 2021 - March 2022

As spaces on the below free sessions are in high demand please cancel if you book a place then later find you cannot attend.

Please check the training portal regarding suitability, including any existing knowledge requirements.

Group webinar delivery 
We can train groups of staff via webinar, with basic tailoring on request, to a group of 15 minimum up to a maximum of 25 delegates.

Please note: we are fully booked for group webinar delivery throughout December. If you need training delivered to a group of staff before January 2022 Shelter Training can deliver this for a fee.

Awareness Level:

Understanding Homelessness and Housing: Local Authority Duties:
Wed 5 Jan 10.30am; Tues 25 Jan 9.30am; Mon 7 Feb 10.30am; Mon 14 March 2.30pm; Wed 30 March 10.30am

Pre-recording: Understanding Homelessness and Housing: Local Authority Duties (approx 40 mins): 
listen anytime

Level One (Introductory):

Casework Skills: Good Practice:
Fri 21 Jan 10.30am; Thurs 10 Feb 2.30pm; Wed 23 Feb 10.30am; Mon 7 March 10.30am; Thurs 17 March 10.30am; Wed 23 March 2.30pm

Ending a Tenancy: a Tenant’s Rights:
Wed 5 Jan 2.30pm; Thurs 27 Jan 9.30am; Fri 18 Feb 10.30am; Fri 11 March 10.30am; Tues 29 March 10.30am

Introduction to Eligibility for Housing Assistance:
Wed 12 Jan 10.30am; Mon 7 Feb 2pm; Wed 16 Feb 2.30pm; Tues 15 March 2.30pm; Fri 25 March 2.30pm

Introduction to Telephone Skills:
Wed 15 Dec 10.30am

Skills in Establishing Housing & Homelessness Needs:
Thurs 6 Jan 2.30pm; Tues 11 Jan 10.30am; Thurs 20 Jan 2.30pm; Thurs 3 Feb 10.30am; Mon 21 Feb 2.30pm; Thurs 3 March 10.30am; Thurs 17 March 2.30pm

Skills to Establish Effective Next Steps:
Thurs 13 Jan 10.30am; Tues 25 Jan 10.30am; Tues 8 Feb 2.30pm; Fri 4 March 2.30pm; Thurs 10 March 2.30pm; Tues 29 March 2.30pm

Level Two (Intermediate):

Assisting Non-UK Nationals:
Fri 14 Jan 10.30am; Thurs 3 Feb 9.30am; Thurs 17 Feb 2.30pm; Mon 28 Feb 10.30am; Mon 7 March 9.30am; Fri 25 March 10.30am

Assured Shorthold Tenancies - S21 Notices: 
Tues 11 Jan 2.30pm; Mon 17 Jan 2.30pm; Mon 24 Jan 10.30am; Tues 1 Feb 2.30pm; Fri 11 Feb 2.30pm; Thurs 24 Feb 10.30am; Wed 2 March 9.30am; Thurs 10 March 10.30am; Mon 21 March 2.30pm; Thurs 31 March 2.30pm

Dealing with Landlord Harassment and Unlawful Eviction: 
Thurs 6 Jan 10.30am; Mon 17 Jan 10.30am; Mon 31 Jan 2.30pm; Fri 11 Feb 10.30am; Tues 22 Feb 2.30pm; Tues 1 March 2.30pm; Tues 8 March 10.30am; Thurs 24 March 2.30pm

Eligibility for Housing Assistance – EEA Nationals:
Tues 7 Dec 9.30am; Wed 15 Dec 2.30pm; Wed 12 Jan 9.30am; Tues 18 Jan 10.30am; Thurs 20 Jan 2pm; Fri 4 Feb 2.30pm; Tues 15 Feb 2.30pm; Fri 25 Feb 10.30am; Thurs 3 March 2.30pm; Fri 11 March 2.30pm; Mon 28 March 10.30am

Eligibility for Housing Assistance – Non-UK & EEA Nationals:
Thurs 16 Dec 11.30am; Fri 7 Jan 10.30am; Mon 24 Jan 2.30pm; Wed 2 Feb 10.30am; Thurs 10 Feb 10.30am; Wed 23 Feb 2.30pm; Mon 7 March 2.30pm; Thurs 31 March 10.30am

Homelessness and Temporary Accommodation: 
Wed 12 Jan 2.30pm; Wed 26 Jan 2.30pm; Thurs 3 Feb 2.30pm; Tues 15 Feb 10.30am; Thurs 24 Feb 2.30pm; Fri 4 March 10.30am; Wed 16 March 9.30am; Mon 21 March 10.30am

Houses in Multiple Occupation: 
Tues 18 Jan 2.30pm; Tues 8 March 2.30pm

Pre-recording: Houses in Multiple Occupation: Mandatory Licenses (aprx 40 mins):
listen anytime

Housing Duties to Young People: 
Mon 10 Jan 10.30am; Fri 28 Jan 10.30am; Tues 8 Feb 10.30am; Thurs 17 Feb 10.30am; Wed 2 March 2.30pm; Fri 18 March 2.30pm

Introduction to Housing Conditions and Disrepair: 
Fri 21 Jan 2.30pm; Wed 2 March 10.30am

Mortgage Possession: Helping Tenants of Landlords:
Mon 6 Dec 10.30am; Thurs 20 Jan 10.30am; Mon 28 Feb 9.30am

Persons from Abroad: An Introduction to Housing Cost Entitlement for EEA National Households:
Thurs 9 Dec 9.30am; Tues 22 Feb 10.30am

Suspending a Warrant:
Fri 28 Jan 2.30pm; Wed 9 March 2pm

Tenant Fees Act: 
Thurs 27 Jan 10.30am; Wed 9 March 2.30pm

Transferring a Tenancy: Issues to Consider:
Tues 7 Dec 10.30am; Mon 31 Jan 10.30am; Tues 15 March 10.30am

Understanding Homelessness Vulnerability: 
Mon 10 Jan 9.30am; Wed 19 Jan 2.30pm; Tues 1 Feb 10.30am; Wed 9 Feb 2.30pm; Mon 14 Feb 2.30pm; Tues 8 March 9.30am; Wed 16 March 10.30am; Wed 30 March 2.30pm

Understanding Right to Rent:
Mon 13 Dec 11.30am; Fri 14 Jan 2.30pm; Mon 7 Feb 2.30pm; Fri 18 March 10.30am

Understanding Statutory Overcrowding:
Thurs 13 Jan 9.30am; Fri 28 Jan 9.30am; Wed 9 Feb 10.30am; Fri 18 Feb 2.30pm; Wed 16 March 2.30pm; Mon 28 March 9.30am

Understanding Suitability of Accommodation:
Tues 11 Jan 9.30am; Wed 26 Jan 9.30am; Tues 1 Feb 9.30am; Fri 25 Feb 2.30pm; Thurs 3 March 9.30am; Tues 22 March 2.30pm

Understanding Tenancy Deposits:
Wed 19 Jan 10.30am; Wed 16 Feb 10.30am; Tues 22 March 9.30am

Understanding Tenant Under Occupancy: 
Thurs 10 Feb 9.30am

Understanding the Public Sector Equality Duty: Homelessness and Housing: 
Thurs 6 Jan 9.30am; Thurs 13 Jan 2.30pm; Wed 2 Feb 9.30am; Mon 21 Feb 10.30am; Thurs 10 March 9.30am; Wed 23 March 10.30am

How to book a topic

Login to the training portal, go to course search and use the keyword search to find the topic you are interested in.