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Shelter Legal is now FREE!

Posted by Debbie Watson March 08, 2018

Shelter Legal is a free essential online law resource for housing professionals. Shelter Legal guides you through housing law in clear, easy to understand language, explaining how legislation and case law work in practice. Fully referenced, Shelter Legal is the most comprehensive and up-to-date housing law resource available.

Shelter Legal covers ten key legal areas:

  • housing options
  • homelessness
  • security of tenure and possession
  • rents
  • benefits
  • harassment and antisocial behaviour
  • home ownership
  • housing conditions
  • relationship breakdown
  • courts and legal action.

In addition, Shelter Legal provides a full glossary of terms, a ‘what’s new’ update and a tenancy checker tool to determine the legal status of an occupier. Many pages contain links to legislation and other useful sources of information. Shelter Legal covers England and Wales where the law is the same, and has a separate section on homelessness in Wales.