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Our training booking system is changing - UPDATE 26th Sept

Posted by nicola_marklew August 22, 2018

Update 26th Sept:

Website downtime and requirement to save bitesize courses

We are on schedule to start using the new training booking system from the 1st October. From 1st October the system will be live for courses scheduled for 1st November onwards. For any training courses scheduled in October, you will just use the same system as you do now. This will be clear when you’re booking onto the course.

Courses arranged in house will not be affected by these changes.

There may be a short period of downtime on the 1st October whilst we move over to the new system. This means that you may not be able to access the website or training calendar during this time.

When the new system is online we will issue user IDs to all the pre registered account managers (organisations that have a person/training manager that makes bookings on behalf of staff). We will also send a ‘how to’ guide for the basics on how to use the system.

Managers that did not pre register and individuals who will be making their own course bookings will be able to sign up using an online registration form once the new system is online.

Bitesize courses

The bitesize courses will be moving to the new system too.

If you’ve already started or completed a course and want to keep a record of your learning, you will need to save your record by 4pm 28th September.

To save your learning record, go to your profile after logging in to Bitesize, then in the bottom right you will see a Roadmap and Transcript underneath. Click on Transcript. Make sure that you are in the Course Completions section (it will be underlined in blue if you are), and at the bottom there is a ‘Download table data as’ option where you can select your preferred choice. Click Download – and then you can save the information to your computer.

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to access this information after the 28th September.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch by emailing nhas@shelter.org.uk