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National Homeless Advice Service

NHAS & HMPPS Joint Learning Event Summary: February 2020

Posted by natalie_pearson March 26, 2020

NHAS, in partnership with Her Majesty’s Prison & Probation Service (HMPPS), ran a second successful learning workshop for offender management practitioners at the Ministry of Justice in London on the 26th February 2020. Below is a summary of the event.

To find out where to download presentations from the day, a full event report and feedback on the event head to the bottom of this page.

Jennet Peters, Senior Contract Manager at HMPPS was the first speaker of the day and highlighted the importance of accommodation for offenders. She advised that access to settled accommodation is a basic human right and how it is important that staff are in a position of knowledge in order to support and assist prisoners and ex-offenders. She recommended that staff need to be better equipped to utilise the Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA), to become familiar with Personal Housing Plans and to work in partnership to make the Duty to Refer a useful tool.

Graham Mackenzie, Head of Policy, Offender Accommodation and Family Engagement at the Ministry of Justice was the second speaker of the day and was able to go into more detail for this event as in November he was restricted by Purdah. Graham spoke about the latest Prison & Probation Duty to Refer figures, discharge grants, how HMPPS Wales are supporting women as well as the new Bail Accommodation and Support Services (BASS) strategic framework.

Marie Gerald, Homelessness Advice and Support Team, Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government was the next speaker of the day and talked about additional funding through the Homelessness Reduction Grant, how prison and probation services were considered to have the most effective Duty to Refer referrals, the government launched Rough Sleeping Initiative as well as Youth Justice Pathways.

James Jolly, Prison and Probation Adviser, Rough Sleeping Initiative, MHCLG was next up and highlighted the positive outcomes for female service users of the Housing First project including over 90% tenancy sustainment and no re-offending.

Duncan Bannister, NHAS Trainer delivered a training workshop to delegates looking at how to make the Duty to Refer work. A common thread from delegates was the lack of available accommodation suitable for ex-offenders. Duncan also delivered a workshop that focused on what makes a good Personalised Housing Plan. Delegates from the probation service thought that if they were involved with Local Authorities in creating the Personal Housing Plan, they could help to manage the risk associated with any history of offending.

Andy Nutley NHAS Consultancy Line Team Manager briefed delegates on the NHAS service including; training, factsheets, guides and the Consultancy Line.

Download the Presentations, Event Report & Feedback Survey Summary

You can view all presentations from the day by logging onto our website, heading to the portal page and clicking ‘NHAS Roadshow Resources’ and scrolling to the event title.