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Citizens Advice use breathing space scheme to suspend eviction warrant

Posted on 19/07/21 in NHAS

Citizens Advice use breathing space scheme to suspend eviction warrant

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An NHAS adviser supported a Citizens Advice worker in registering their client's rent arrears debt for Breathing Space. This resulted in an eviction warrant being suspended.

Who got in touch with the advice line?

A Citizens Advice worker contacted the advice line to discuss their client's rent arrears. The local authority had been granted a possession order, as a result of the arrears, with enforcement action underway and a date set for eviction.

What we did

Our adviser discussed the case in detail with the caller, setting out the rules regarding applying to the court for a stay of the warrant for eviction along with the associated costs of doing so.

We gave details of support available for people in debt through the Breathing Space scheme, the application process for the scheme, and the impact on the already commenced possession proceedings.


The Citizens Advice worker contacted us again and confirmed their client had registered their debt for the Breathing Space scheme. As a result, bailiffs had withdrawn their warrant for eviction.

This extra time will allow the client to seek further support, address their debt issues, and look into longer-term housing options.


Need Help?

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If you need support with a housing, housing debt or welfare benefit enquiry please get in touch with the NHAS Advice Line via webchat or phone 0300 330 0517.