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NHAS adviser helps voluntary organisation support client with mobility and drug dependency issues into temporary accommodation

Posted on 16/11/20

Our free advice line provides specialist advice on housing, housing debt and welfare benefit issues to help you support your clients. One of our advisers recently helped a voluntary organisation worker in achieving temporary accommodation for a client with mobility and drug dependency issues.

What was the problem?

A voluntary organisation worker contacted our advice line to help them support their client - a single man with mobility issues and an ongoing drug dependency that he is receiving support for.

The client was living in private rented accommodation but had to leave following drug and gang related threats.

The client approached a neighbouring local authority homelessness team as he feared for his safety in his existing local authority.  He was not offered any assistance as the local authority were not satisfied that there was any evidence to suggest the client couldn’t return to his accommodation.

Client then approached his own local authority, but they refused to assist him as they stated he clearly had no intention of returning to their area.

Client had subsequently been rough sleeping and sofa-surfing when he could.

What we did

Our adviser was able to discuss the case with the agency, setting out that someone should be seen to be homeless if it was unsafe to return to their accommodation due to a risk of violence. They also highlighted the responsibilities both local authorities should have in relation to somebody who presents to them as being homeless and the processes for challenging the local authorities if they failed to offer any assistance.

In addition, our adviser was also able to set out the additional expectations that had been placed on local authorities during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic by the government.

Full advice was provided on making a homelessness application, including the ways in which a person may be entitled to a long-term duty to provide accommodation from a local authority.


The voluntary organisation worker contacted our advice line to let us know that they had contacted the neighbouring local authority again who placed the client in temporary accommodation whilst they continued their enquiries. The organisation, and their client, passed on their thanks for helping to improve his situation.

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