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Law passed to ban ‘revenge’ evictions

Posted by Debbie Watson April 09, 2015

A law to ban ‘revenge’ evictions was passed by the House of Lords on 16th March as part of the Deregulation Bill. This will make any eviction invalid where the tenant has made a complaint about housing conditions that the landlord did not respond to adequately.

Where a landlord gives notice seeking possession through a ‘Section 21 notice’ following a complaint about the condition of their home, it will no longer be possible to evict that tenant and a court must not attempt to evict under those circumstances.

This only applies in circumstances where the local authority has upheld the validity of this complaint by serving an Improvement Notice or a notice of Emergency Remedial Action. The Bill will also make any section 21 notice invalid for six months after an Improvement Notice or notice of Emergency Remedial Action has been served.

You can fine more details about the Bill here

The commencement order is likely to come into force around autumn 2015 and will only apply in England. Further guidance will be issued by the DCLG later in the year.