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Homeless Health Network Share Find & Treat Homeless Plan

Posted on 19/03/20

Thank you to The Homeless Health Network for sharing the UCL/Find and Treat “Test-Triage-Cohort-Care” plan with us. The plan comes in response to concerns around night shelters closing and a lack of support for rough sleepers and those in temporary accommodation.

The Government have previously announced that all adults who meet clinical criteria for influenza vaccination, and those aged over 70 years of age, should stay at home without contact with others for a twelve-week period.

Rough sleepers reliant on day centres and street kitchens and homeless people living in hostels (with shared dining, bathroom and toileting facilities), emergency accommodation (often with with shared rooms) will not be able to follow government advice.

To enact the latest government guidance the “Test-Triage-Cohort-Care” plan has been proposed for homeless populations in hostels, temporary emergency accommodation, and rough sleepers to prevent high mortality and minimise impact on the NHS.

Download the plan here

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