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National Homeless Advice Service

Coronavirus Update: Help for Nurses

Posted by natalie_pearson March 24, 2020

The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI) is a charity working with community nurses, and is part of the Homeless Health Network. In response to the developments with COVID-19, they have updated their range of resources to assist in the fight, but can also offer financial and emotional support to eligible cases.

Take a look at the QNI Resources Here

Need Advice? NHAS & Shelter’s Specialist Debt Advice Service Can Help

If you need support with a housing, housing debt or welfare benefit enquiry please get in touch with the NHAS Consultancy Line via webchat or phone, who are operating as usual.

If you’re an adviser who needs support with a difficult debt case please get in touch with Shelter’s Specialist Debt Advice Service here.