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National Homeless Advice Service

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NHAS – Brexit in Brief

Posted by natalie_pearson December 20, 2019

NHAS can provide training and consultancy advice in relation to EU, EEA and Swiss National housing and housing costs eligibility. However, we are unable to provide advice on the Resettlement scheme.

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Under 25 Care Leavers & The Shared Accommodation Rate

Posted by natalie_pearson December 05, 2019

The Shared Accommodation Rate of Local Housing Allowance (LHA) reduces the amount of Housing Benefit or Housing Costs Element of Universal Credit a single person under the age of 35 can claim for a private rented property. This was extended in January 2012 from those aged 25 and under.

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The Localism Act, SWEP & Local Authorities

Posted by natalie_pearson December 05, 2019

Many rough sleepers may turn to the council for help over the next few months. Housing officers faced with difficult conversations may be grateful for a reminder about the s.1 Localism Act 2011, which gives local authorities a general power to accommodate.

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