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National Homeless Advice Service

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Universal Credit and Third Party Deductions

Posted by natalie_pearson November 28, 2019

Third party deductions are by no means a new concept to our benefits system. They have been around since the 1970s. they were originally introduced to reduce the risk of fuel supply disconnections

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Local Practice: Homelessness Services in Bristol

Posted by natalie_pearson November 21, 2019

St Ann's Hostel has reopened in Bristol. The 24/7 hostel will operate from October 2019 - March 2020 and is run by St Mungo's. To find out about other services in the area head to the Bristol Homeless Connect website for a directory of services including night shelters, gambling support, asylum seekers and housing advice.

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Newcastle Street Zero Partnership

Posted by natalie_pearson November 13, 2019

Rough sleeping is an issue which has grown significantly in importance over recent years. The key reasons for this have been well-rehearsed elsewhere: from intensifying drug and alcohol addiction; through increasing mental health problems; to changes in access to welfare benefits.

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