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National Homeless Advice Service

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NHAS End of Year Report 2018/19

Posted by natalie_pearson September 19, 2019

The NHAS end of year report for 2018/19 is now available to download. The Homelessness Reduction Act came into force on the 3rd April 2018 and NHAS have been working with, and training, many different organisations on what this Act means for them.

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Homeless in Hospital: Kettering’s Health and Housing Partnership

Posted by natalie_pearson September 09, 2019

Bed Blocking, DTOC, Discharge Delays, Frequent Flyers, these are all phrases used to describe the impact of homelessness in hospitals. Pathways, PDNA, Discharge Tracking are all used to describe solutions but ultimately the outcome remains the same … “Refer to Karen in Housing”

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Shelter Offender Services: Case Study

Posted by natalie_pearson September 04, 2019

Our Shelter Resettlement Teams work with service users, across the North of England, helping to obtain or maintain accommodation and to resolve any issues with debts, benefits and finances that service users may have.

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