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Suggested Guidance for Gypsy, Traveller and Liveaboard Boater Communities on Coronavirus

Posted by natalie_pearson March 17, 2020

This guidance has been created by Friends, Families and Travellers with people who live on Traveller sites, on boats and roadside. This guidance will help people who live on Traveller sites, live roadside in vehicles or live on canal boats who have symptoms of coronavirus. This guidance is meant to add to current Government guidance on coronavirus, not to replace it.

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Coronavirus (Covid 19) Advice for Patients in 21 Languages

Posted by natalie_pearson March 16, 2020

Doctors of the World are really pleased to be able to share with you the Coronavirus (Covid 19) advice for patients in 21 languages, which were produced in partnership with the British Red Cross, Migrant Help and Clear Voice: English, Albanian, Dari, French, Pashto, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Bengali, Vietnamese, Kurdish, Farsi, Sorani is available at the moment, but more languages coming soon: Mandarin, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Malayalam, Amharic, Tigrinya, Somali

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