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National Homeless Advice Service

Relevant statutes and guidance

Listed here are links to legislation relevant to providing accommodation and financial support to young people.

The Homelessness (Suitability of Accommodation) (England) Order 2012 (in force from 9 November 2012)

This sets out the matters to be taken into account by a local Housing authority in determining whether accommodation is suitable for a person, for the purpose of a private rented sector offer under section 193(7F) of the Housing Act 1996 (discharge of homelessness duty) and the circumstances in which such accommodation is not to be regarded as suitable. It includes protections to ensure that the accommodation in the private sector will be available for a sufficient period of time to provide certainty for households. The assured shorthold tenancy must be for a minimum fixed term of 12 months and if the applicant becomes unintentionally homeless again within two years of accepting the private rented sector offer, the main homelessness duty will recur regardless of priority need.

The legislation is available online.

Discretionary Housing Payments guidance manual and Good Practice Guide, DWP

This guidance is for local authorities administering Discretionary Housing Payments and includes a Good Practice Guide to reflect local authorities’ role in assisting customers affected by Housing Benefit (HB) reforms from April 2011. It provides clarification on how assistance can be given with items such as rent deposits and rent in advance and includes additional examples on assisting customers affected by reductions in Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates and the benefit cap.

The guidance is available from Gov.uk.

Housing Benefit for local authorities: bulletins, DWP

Housing Benefit bulletins provide advice, guidance and information on Housing Benefit to local authority staff. Urgent bulletins contain urgent advice and information for immediate action. General information bulletins contain general information about social security benefits, tax credits and council tax support arrangements. They are intended to help local authorities with administering Housing Benefit.

The collection of the bulletins is available from Gov.uk.

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