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National Homeless Advice Service

What works?

There are two key elements to an effective strategy to assist young people in completing the transition to independence.

These are the willingness of private or social landlords to offer tenancies to this group, and the support available for young people in paying for their accommodation and becoming responsible tenants.

In addition to mechanisms for matching young people to available vacancies, considerable preparatory work is necessary with landlords (particularly in the private sector, but also in the social housing sector) to overcome concerns about young people as potential tenants. Work is also required with young people to manage their expectations about their longer-term housing options.

Agencies should be aware of the need to manage young people's expectations. This means being upfront about the likelihood that a young person’s first independent home is much more likely to be in the private sector than in social housing. Such messages need to be put across at the prevention stage, as well as at the point where a transition to settled accommodation is being planned.

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