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National Homeless Advice Service

Towards independence

This section considers the two core elements which facilitate a young person's moving towards, and attaining, independence.

The first involves providing safe accommodation where they can begin to establish a home and their own life, and the work which housing authorities can do to create opportunities for them to do this.

The second element involves supporting young people in overcoming personal difficulties, in looking after (and retaining) their home and themselves and in taking opportunities for education, training and work.

Taken together, these will let help young people lead the lives they want to. Local authorities should give careful thought to how this can be achieved.

Why have a strategy?

The final stages of the accommodation and support pathway present major challenges. But a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary approach is in the best interests of young people and authorities alike.

What works?

We look at how to develop an effective, centralised support and accommodation gateway and examine the various options available.

Making it happen

Statutory and regulatory provisions, research findings, good practice and evidence of success that relate to the provision of housing and support for young people.

Peer learning examples

Find out what other authorities are doing to ensure that accommodation and support is well matched to the young person's needs and their ability to manage.

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