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National Homeless Advice Service

Local authority websites and advice leaflets

Local authority information on homelessness and housing issues must be provided in a way that young people can easily access.

This can be done in-house, for example, by a local authority communications team, or by using an external agency to deliver it. As well as providing information online, there should also be information available in other accessible formats, for example in leaflet, fact sheet and DVD format, so that young people can take this away with them.

Information should be written and designed specifically for young people. Jargon should be avoided, and plain English used at all times. It is good practice in many local authorities to involve young people in the design and development of information. This will help give local authorities the best possible chance of getting the message across.

It is likely that young people will want to ask questions based on the information given to them, so there should be adequate systems in place to answer them. Local authorities also need to be clear about where young people can find additional advice, and how to signpost this in an appropriate way.

The information provided should be clearly focused on helping young people resolve specific personal issues. It should also make them aware of the potential problems and issues they could face when they leave home.

For more information, see the page on local authority advice leaflets.

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