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National Homeless Advice Service

Individual advice, mentoring and intensive preventative work

The mix of approaches from local authority to local authority will vary, but they should all have in certain elements in common.

These elements are as follows:

  • Commissioners and providers share the same vision of the service‚Äôs scope, purpose and desired outcomes
  • Information is presented in a way that young people can relate to - creative approaches often give the best results
  • The programme is tailored to local needs, languages and places
  • The programme involves other young people in running the workshops and preparing support material - especially those with personal experience of homelessness
  • Targets individual young people who are identified through the programme as being as risk of homelessness, and offers advice information and peer mentoring
  • Encourages teachers and schools to tailor the workshops to their programmes and needs, particularly for those with personal experience of homelessness

Work done by St Basils peer education project STaMP and research carried out for Shelter into peer education services for young people provide further information on best practice for early prevention work in schools.

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