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National Homeless Advice Service

Individual advice and mentoring

Working with schools, youth services and other places where young people go will help your local authority identify young people who would benefit from individual advice and mentoring.

For more information, see the page on work in schools and youth services.

Intensive advice can be provided by:

  • signposting information and advice resources locally and on the internet where young people can go for advice
  • identifying a number of children and young people who would benefit from targeted individual advice, information or mentoring

As well as providing advice through its own housing options service, a local authority can also get help from independent organisations such as Citizens Advice and law centres. One potential advantage of using these is that young people may see these as being more likely to work in their best interests.

There are also many online resources which offer young people a wide range of high-quality information on housing and homelessness issues.

Some agencies delivering work in schools have developed peer mentoring schemes alongside such services. These aim to ensure that issues raised by group sessions are addressed with individual young people. The St. Basils example shows how this can contribute to the impact of the prevention strategy, and provide qualifications, skills development and confidence to peer mentors.

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