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National Homeless Advice Service

The Children’s Society: Manchester

The Children’s Society’s Safe in the City project works with children and young people who runaway or go missing from home in the Manchester area.

Project details

Safe in the City provides crisis intervention, advocacy and practical support to a range of children and young people aged 18 and under who have run away from home, or who are at risk of running away from home in Manchester and Salford.

The project also provides support to unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and refugee children in the area.

The project provides services for young people that ensure safety and prevent running away behaviour, meet individual needs and promote social inclusion.

Safe in the City currently provides one-to-one case work with approximately 300 children and young people per year.

The project has a freephone number for children and young people which is widely promoted in the area, partly through distributing pens, key rings, posters, so that young people can make contact without relying on a third party to do so.

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Staff and support workers

Safe in the City’s team includes social workers and youth workers and is complemented by students who join the project on 70 or 100-day placements.

The project also facilitates school work experience placements for young people who want to learn more about the project.

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Multi-agency working

Much of Safe in the City’s work has a strong multi-agency element. The project has established referral systems for all areas of work so that other agencies, including the police, social services and schools, can alert the project to children who are vulnerable and in need of support.

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