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National Homeless Advice Service

Research and statistics

Listed here are links to published reports from research and service evaluation exercises undertaken on behalf of specialist providers and national agencies.

These have been selected on the grounds of their particular relevance to authorities considering, with partners, their approach to a homelessness prevention strategy.

Young and Homeless 2014

This report from Homeless Link has useful results and comparisons with the previous year on the causes of youth homelessness and the effectiveness of prevention initiatives.

The report can be downloaded from Homeless Link.

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Can we afford not to?

In this report from 2011, Depaul UK brings forward encouraging evidence of early interventions which work, and which produce savings to budgets within a short time span. It also contains a useful approach to calculating the savings resulting from preventative interventions.

The report is available from Depaul UK.

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Keys to the future - an independent evaluation of Shelter children’s services, England and Scotland

This evaluation of Shelter’s children’s services features a useful approach to evaluation and observations on what has worked. The document can be downloaded from Shelter.

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Keys to the future. Interim report on the Gloucestershire project

This report provides a more detailed evaluation of the peer mentoring project in Gloucestershire. The report is available from Shelter.

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