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National Homeless Advice Service

Making it happen

When developing an initiative to prevent homelessness among young people at an early stage, you need to make sure it has key features.

It looks at how a strategic ‘pathway’ approach can be developed to help prevent young people becoming homeless, while at the same time working to improve their future housing, health and work opportunities.

These key features are:

  • coherent input from a number of agencies and authorities
  • pooled funding and resources
  • buy-in – local authority decision-makers and leaders must recognise and be committed to the value of pre-emptive action
  • an understanding of the local factors placing stress upon family relationships

The value, impact and priority of such interventions are regularly scrutinised at a strategic level, and may be questioned day-to-day by frontline practitioners.

The information in this section covers the relevant statutory and regulatory provisions, research findings, good practice and evidence of success necessary to:

  • design, cost and implement a strategy
  • engage partners
  • demonstrate effectiveness and focus or improve services.

Getting partners involved

Making the business case

Evaluate the effectiveness of the service

Legislation and good practice

Research and statistics

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