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National Homeless Advice Service

Prevention and early intervention

This section focuses on what authorities and their partners can do to help young people becoming homeless in the first place.

Taking a proactive approach can bring all-round benefits - including reduced demand on housing for local authorities, and better long-term prospects for young people.

The case for making early interventions

For most young people, leaving home is hugely disruptive. Local authorities should work towards longer periods of transition, rather than making statutory interventions at times of crisis.

Why have a prevention strategy

How taking a strategic approach can reduce demand on hard-pressed resources, help avoid repeat homelessness and achieve better long-term outcomes.

What works

Working in schools and youth services, mentoring, intensive support and educational materials all have a role to play in preventing homelessness.

Making it happen

How to base your strategy on statutory requirements and a solid evidence base, getting partners involved and measuring effectiveness.

Peer learning examples

Find out what other authorities and their partners are doing to help prevent young people becoming homeless - from intensive work to working in schools and colleges.

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