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National Homeless Advice Service

Central support and accommodation gateway

Many authorities have established a central accommodation gateway. This can cater exclusively for young people, or be available to everyone in housing need.

Regardless of which approach is used, the service’s objectives should be to:

  • provide an accessible, simple to use and effective single application point for Supporting People and Children’s Services support, whether in a residential setting or not
  • ensure that Supporting People and Children’s Services are allocated according to similar eligibility criteria and principles of fair access
  • encourage engagement with the strategy and partnership working between service providers
  • make the best and most efficient use of services and accommodation resources
  • gain a better understanding of the demand for services - including any unmet need - and of pathways through services, to inform future strategy and commissioning.

See our peer learning examples on accommodation and support gateways to find out how authorities are achieving this in practice.

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