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National Homeless Advice Service

Research and statistics

This page provides links to a selection of research projects that should help authorities develop their own policies and procedures for providing accommodation and support for young people.

Young people with multiple needs

Tackling Homelessness and Exclusion: tackling complex lives

This round-up report published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in 2011 highlights the prevalence of mental health issues, traumatic childhood experiences and suicide attempts among people accessing low-level homelessness support services.

It brings together evidence from a two-year programme of work on ‘multiple exclusion’ homelessness (MEH) in partnership with Homeless Link, Economic and Social Research Council, Tenant Services Authority and the Department for Communities and Local Government.

It is available to download from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Psychologically informed services for homeless people: Good Practice Guide

This research report and good practice guide (produced by Southampton University on behalf of the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) in 2009/10) identified growing evidence of the extent and range of psychological and mental health problems among homeless young people and rough sleepers.

The report aims to help providers and commissioners develop or remodel services in order to address identified emotional and psychological issues among rough sleepers and young homeless people.

The report is available to download from the University of Southampton.

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Young offenders

Suitable, sustainable, supported: a strategy to ensure provision of accommodation for children and young people who offend

Published by the Youth Justice Board in 2006, this strategy report identifies and addresses three key priorities - increasing the influence of youth offending teams, helping to stop family breakdown and ensuring access to suitable accommodation. It identifies objectives that the Youth Justice Board and partners need to meet in order to tackle these priorities.

The document can be downloaded from the Youth Justice Board website.

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Supported lodgings

Supported Lodgings as a housing option for young people

The aim of this guide is to inform and support local authorities’ planning and commissioning of supported lodgings within the context of strategies to tackle youth homelessness.

It is based on a review of supported lodgings services in 17 local authority areas in England, and of data collected through the Supporting People programme.

The guide was published by Communities and Local Government in 2008, and is available online.

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Care leavers

Journeys to Home: Care leavers successful transition to independent accommodation

Jointly published by NCAS and Catch-22, this good practice guide aims to support local authorities and their partners by providing practical examples and a work planning tool. It gives a useful overview of the range of supported accommodation for young people in transition to independence from a Children’s Services and 16+ service perspective.

The guide is available online from NCAS.

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Supporting People

Research into the financial benefits of the Supporting People programme

This report establishes a methodology for assessing the cost benefit of services which has since been developed and used locally and regionally. A spreadsheet is also provided to assist local authorities in adopting the methodology. Published by DCLG in 2009, it can be downloaded from the Gov.uk website.

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