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National Homeless Advice Service

Housing and support

Although many young people say they want a place of their own as soon as possible, the reality is that it will be some time before they are ready to take on a place of their own.

There are both economic and practical reasons for this. Many authorities' experience suggests that a large proportion of single young people in social housing are not able to sustain a tenancy or will move in and out of employment, education or training. In many cases, local rents are too high for young people to move quickly into settled accommodation.

This section looks at why authorities should take a strategic approach to provision, and how they should go about doing it.

Why have a strategy?

Homeless young people rarely get the benefits of a positive progression through different types of accommodation and support. We look at how authorities can help provide this.

Why have a prevention strategy

How taking a strategic approach can reduce demand on hard-pressed resources, help avoid repeat homelessness and achieve better long-term outcomes.

What works

We look at how to develop an effective, centralised support and accommodation gateway and examine the various options available.

Making it happen

Statutory and regulatory provisions, research findings, good practice and evidence of success that relate to the provision of housing and support for young people.

Peer learning examples

Find out what other authorities are doing to ensure that accommodation and support is well matched to the young person's needs and their ability to manage.

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