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National Homeless Advice Service

Making the business case

Many authorities have found that significant cost and effectiveness benefits can be achieved in the way that they handle enquiries from young people at risk of homelessness, and assess the need for a statutory response.

More effective service delivery

An effective way of providing a more effective service delivery is to co-locate services and merge different professional interventions.

Some authorities have gone a step further by incorporating this work with other youth and family work, with a focus on building resilience and preventing homelessness among young people.

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Improving accommodation and support options

A co-ordinated approach to accommodation and support allows the best use to be made of multiple funding streams, specialist support providers and statutory provision.

This makes it possible for each young person to have the opportunity of a tailored pathway through accommodation and support, leading to improved outcomes in the longer term.

The central accommodation gateway model makes it possible for Children’s Services and Housing to offer comparable options to young people needing either short-term emergency accommodation and support or longer term support on their path to independence.

For more information, see our peer learning examples on youth services hubs, co-location and joint working in two-tier authorities and central accommodation gateways for young people.

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