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National Homeless Advice Service

Getting partners involved

Central to this part of the pathway is the partnership between Children’s Services and Housing. Each team needs to engage colleagues with the protocol as necessary and appropriate.

Within the Children’s Services authority, this partnership may involve engaging people in:

  • youth services
  • family services
  • youth offending
  • 16+ services
  • central referral gateway teams
  • placement teams
  • Supporting People teams

Housing authorities need to engage colleagues working with:

  • social and private landlords
  • housing benefit teams
  • social housing applications teams.

Around this central partnership, the input of external partners should be commissioned with the aim of:

  • providing emergency short-term accommodation and support
  • working effectively with the preventative effort, including mental health, police, youthwork and mediation or family support agencies
  • ensuring that there is a range of appropriate, supportive accommodation available for those young people who cannot return home and who are accommodated by the statutory services

For more information, see our peer learning examples on youth services hubs, co-location and joint working in two-tier authorities and joint working on enquiries and assessment between children’s services and housing teams.

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