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National Homeless Advice Service

Making it happen

Local authorities should develop appropriate joint protocols to assist young people in accessing statutory services and making informed choices about their future.

These protocols should:

  • demonstrate commitment to putting the young person - and their family - first
  • ensure that Children’s Services and Housing Services have the necessary expertise and leadership
  • pool budgets and resources
  • develop joint working mechanisms with statutory and voluntary agencies.

This section explains the relevant statutory and regulatory provisions, research findings, good practice and evidence of success that are necessary to design and implement both a protocol, and the joint working model itself.

It also explains how to engage partners, and how to make sure that the protocol and working model are working effectively and delivering the desired outcomes for young people.

The case for making early interventions

For most young people, leaving home is hugely disruptive. Local authorities should work towards longer periods of transition, rather than making statutory interventions at times of crisis.

Legislation and good practice

Research and statistics

Making the business case

Evaluate the effectiveness of your service

Getting partners involved

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