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National Homeless Advice Service

Commissioning young people’s services

This section is for local authorities and their partners who commission and deliver services for young people under 25, with a particular focus on 16/17 year olds.

It looks at how a strategic pathway approach can be developed to help prevent young people becoming homeless, while at the same time working to improve their future housing, health and work opportunities.

Introduction to delivering young people services

Find out more about this service, and how it can help service commissioners and their partners achieve better long-term outcomes for young people.

Prevention and early intervention

Planned interventions - rather than simply reacting to crisis',  allow resources to be used more efficiently and better outcomes achieved. Find out how.

Accessing services

This section looks at joint protocols and the benefits of youth hubs and co-location models. It also covers referrals, assessments and providing advice.

Housing and support

We look at how a central gateway can be used to provide efficient access to a range of suitable accommodation options and various levels of support.

Towards independence

The ultimate aim of these services should be a smooth transition into independent living for young people. Two factors are key: safe, settled accommodation and ongoing support.

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