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National Homeless Advice Service

Care leavers

This section looks at accommodation and support options for care leavers.

Care leavers: moving on from care

Care leavers must be provided with a pathway plan by their local authority, but different solutions will apply depending on different local resources and policies.

Entitlements of care leavers

A local authority children's services must provide care leavers with advice, accommodation and support.

Local authority duties to care leavers

Local authorities have a statutory duty to ensure that all eligible and relevant care leavers are placed in suitable accommodation when leaving care.

Emergency housing for care leavers

Local authorities must consider 16 and 17 year old and 18 to 21 year old care leavers to be in priority need of housing.

Accommodation options for care leavers

Care leavers must be appropriately accommodated and supported.

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