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National Homeless Advice Service

When young people have to move out

This section looks at the options available to young people who are leaving home but who may not have safe, secure and affordable accommodation immediately available to them.

Introduction: when it's time to go

This section looks at support for young people who leave home before they are ready, due to family crisis or a breakdown in relationships.

If a young person has to move out

Young people who cannot remain at home must be provided with a safe clear route to alternative accommodation.

Respites and short breaks: giving everyone a break

Respites and short breaks offer the opportunity for a break at a time of crisis.

Access to housing and support

Young people in housing crisis may need varying levels of support, and access to appropriate accommodation.

Applying as homeless

This section looks at how advisers can assist young people who may need to ask their local authority for housing help.

Supporting young offenders

Advisers to young people being released from custody can assist them in accessing advice and housing support.

Emergency housing options

Different accommodation types will be appropriate to different homeless young people and those who have specialised support needs.

Accommodation and support options: what are the issues?

Many local authorities will have to prioritise the help they can provide, and not all young people will be eligible, or able or willing, to access services.

Returning to the family home

It may be possible to support young people to return home.

Living with friends and extended family

This page looks at how additional support and help can be offered to family and friend networks to allow young people to remain there safely.

Care leavers

This section looks at accommodation and support options for care leavers.

Running away and rough sleeping

It is estimated that every year in the UK approximately 100,000 young people under the age of 18 run away from home or care.

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