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National Homeless Advice Service

Introduction to tenancy sustainment

Many young people can find it difficult to sustain a tenancy without intensive support, while others may need just a small amount of help and advice to successfully find and keep a home.

Common factors in the failure of tenancies include the following:

  • insufficient independent living skills
  • not having enough household furniture and equipment may make it difficult for the young person to look after themselves properly
  • difficulties with budgeting, which can lead to debt problems and rent arrears
  • delays or difficulties in claiming benefits, which can also lead to debt problems and rent arrears
  • feelings of isolation in their new neighbourhood. This might also result in the young person inadvertently pursuing a lifestyle that causes friction with longer-established neighbours
  • being a victim of harassment or anti-social behaviour.

Therefore, support to overcome these issues will be vital. This could begin with some preparation for the transition to independent living, then continue with support once a tenancy has begun.

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