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National Homeless Advice Service

Paying for a private rented home

Young people may be eligible for financial help with paying their rent and meeting other housing costs. They may also need support with financial difficulties.

Financial support

Many landlords in the private sector will ask for a deposit along with at least a month’s rent in advance. This can be a significant barrier to young people trying to secure accommodation in the private rented sector. However there are rent deposit/guarantee schemes in some areas, and local authorities should be able to provide young people with information about any deposit schemes in their area.

For more information, see rent deposit schemes.

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Private rented sector access schemes

Young people trying to rent in the private sector may be able to use a private rented sector (PRS) access scheme. These act as a partnership between charities, local authorities and private housing providers to help young people overcome financial and other obstacles. Key features of these schemes include:

  • information and support in finding and paying deposits for private rented accommodation
  • agreements with private landlords for support measures for vulnerable clients
  • continuing support in sustaining a private tenancy.
  • Private Rented Sector Access Service Croydon (PRASC) delivers support, advice and finance to enable vulnerable and excluded people to access private accommodation.

    Private rented access service Croydon (PRASC)

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    Housing-related benefits for young people

    Working-age adults who are unemployed or on a low income may be eligible for help to meet the cost of their rent through housing-related benefit. See Housing benefit and universal credit rules for young people.

    Where the young person is claiming universal credit, see Shelter’s housing advice page Housing costs under universal credit.

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