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National Homeless Advice Service

Introduction: young people and the private rented sector

Although some young people over the age of 18 and those moving on from supported housing will rent from their local council or housing association, most will rent their first home in the private rented sector.

However, young people living in the private rented sector face will face several obstacles, such as the cost of renting, a lack of support in maintaining their tenancies, and problems with the new experience of sharing a home with other adults.

Young people should be given the best chance to overcome these obstacles, to enable them to settle into their new accommodation and to sustain their new tenancies. This can be done through advance preparation and identification of potential needs and problems, and continued support once the tenancy has begun.

Young people may also need advice and support in paying for their rented homes, understanding their rights and responsibilities as tenants, and what to do if they have rent arrears or are facing eviction.

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