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National Homeless Advice Service

Private rented sector

Young homeless or vulnerably housed people may need support to find and keep private rented accommodation.

Introduction: young people and the private rented sector

Many young people will rent their first home in the private rented sector.

Overcoming obstacles to tenancy access and sustainment

Local authorities, commissioned partners and advisers can help improve outcomes for young people renting homes for the first time, or renting again after failing to sustain a tenancy.

Paying for a private rented home

Young people may be eligible for financial help with paying their rent and meeting other housing costs.

Tenures, rights and responsibilities

Young people should be aware not just of their rights as tenants, but also of their responsibilities.

Dealing with rent arrears and preventing eviction

Difficulties in keeping up rent, council tax and utilities payments can lead to young people falling into arrears and being evicted.

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