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National Homeless Advice Service

Keeping families together: how to help

This section looks at how advice providers, local authorities and their partners can work together to help prevent young people becoming homeless. 

Introduction: How to keep families together

How advisers, local authorities and their partners can spot the early danger signs for youth homelessness.

The realities of leaving home at a young age

For advisers, parents and carers of young people, there are key issued to be addressed about the realities of life outside the family home

Identifying risk factors: early prevention services

Services can work together to identify and help young people at risk of homelessness.

Exploring options: mediation, respite and planning for the future

Mediation and family support can help young people in times of crisis.

Services for children and young people

Multiple services will be involved in helping young people from home to independence.

Advice and referrals: connecting with appropriate services

A consistent approach to advice and referrals will make it much easier for young people to access them.

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